Solar Powered Production

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During 2021 we have as a part of our green initiative completed our new solar power plant to support our production sites electricity needs.

From the first of August the solar power plant started feeding the property with green electricity and the complete system contains a total of 1075 solar panels placed on the roof or our production site. Our system generates a maximum effect of 330 kwh. In full capacity, solar power represents up to 36% of all electrical needs in our production plant, when all machines are running at full speed.

We are now also tracking the percentage of solar power used in specific production of a specific order or reel. So if requested by customer a sun percentage logo can be added onto the reel label

Targets for next year is to generate a total of 300 000 kwh, this can be translated into:

CO2 Reduction: 300 ton

Save std Coal: 120 ton

Trees: 16 000

This is a step in the right direction to make us more sustainable.

Marcus Karlsson, Plant manager
+46-707 96 01 16